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Trafficking, sex-slaves and child prostitution is the human rights issues of our time. As many as 4 million women and children are caught in sexual slavery in our world today. A young girl can be sold for as little as $150 and will often be forced to service at least 10 customers per day, or over 3,000 a year.

Funds raised from 30 for Freedom will further the anti-trafficking work of Project Rescue, F.R.E.E. International and Venture.

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It all started with Brent Silkey’s ridiculous vision to get 30 of his friends to run 30 miles, and raise $30,000, on his 30th birthday to help victims of sex trafficking. Brent’s vision inspired hundreds to run and raised $81,346.

For Brent’s 31st birthday he wants to involve 750 people in a 5k, half marathon, and a 30 mile run to raise $250,000 to fight this horrific injustice.

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To learn more or get involved please visit 30forfreedom.org.

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