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Through Venture Local you can bike, walk or run in your area with your friends, or individually, to make a difference in the lives of oppressed people.  

Venture Local engages communities, churches, campuses and individuals in running events to raise support for the victims of injustice, trafficking, slavery and oppression. 

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Funds and awareness from Venture Local are designated toward our projects and partners in Southeast Asia. The work on the border of Thailand and Burma provides refugees and oppressed people with food, shelter, safe houses, life-skills, education and a chance for restored human dignity found in Christ.

We are partnering with Feed My Starving Children and have sent over 12 million meals to refugees in the past 4 years. Prior, no organization has been able to get meals across the border. We believe this area of the world represents some of the world's greatest needs and we are passionately committed to putting our greatest energies towards it.

Thank you for believing in our participants and believing in the cause. Their physical sacrifice and commitment to benefiting the world and discovering their soul will bring about change in their own heart and lives, their community, and meet physical, educational and spiritual needs for refugees in Southeast Asia.

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