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Now is the Time - Save the Children

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The Thai-Burmese (Myanmar) border is a region sometimes referred to as ‘The Deadly Line’. The area along this border contains:

• one of the highest number of child soldiers per capita 
• the longest running civil war in modern times 
• one of the highest concentrations of human trafficking 
• one of the least reached areas with the Gospel 

According to US State Department Reports and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the border region ranks among the more desperate places on earth.

To respond to this unique and critically vulnerable area, Venture partners with local church leaders and pastors working along the border. The overwhelming initial response is a need for food. One leader commented, ‘If we don’t have to worry about where our next meal comes from, we can start rebuilding our lives, schools, homes… but if every day is spent trying to get food, we can never get out of survival and into rebuilding’.

Venture has been serving along the border for the past 4 years, offering food, education and discipleship. This year alone Venture will provide over 5 million meals. And you can be part of this work. It is astounding, when you realize that $1 can provide 10 meals, and $10 provides 100. The reality that a donation of $500, means that you can literally feed your 5,000 is a miracle in itself.

Our goal is to raise enough money to fund an entire container of food – over 274,000 meals. Join us as we respond to this incredible need, with incredible generosity. When $1 provides 10 meals, we can all do something.

I enthusiastically endorse the work of Venture. Their work along the Thailand/Myanmar border is both unique and urgently needed.

-- Ambassador Tony Hall, US Ambassador to Hunger Issues

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Now is the Time - Save the Children

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