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Run #Lizzystrong 2017

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Run #Lizzystrong is a movement of family and friends of Lizzy Shepherd to run, remember Lizzy’s legacy and raise awareness for a cause she was passionate about – the fight against human trafficking. 

Participants are running 4.11 miles on April 8 to raise $41,100. Every dollar raised will help rescue and provide aftercare for women and girls trafficked in the United States and will help prevent trafficking in SE Asia Venture and its partner organization, DeliverFund. 

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Trafficking, sex-slaves and child prostitution is the human rights issues of our time. There are an estimated 27 million slaves around the world. Many of those slaves are children and trafficked for sex. Lizzy was determined to do something about this and ran with Venture to raise funds and fight this tragedy. 

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Lizzy was 29 years old, married, and 20 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Lizzy and her husband, Chris, made a decision to keep the baby, even though they were advised by medical doctors against it. Their daughter, Sophie, was born premature, but now is a thriving toddler. Immediately after Sophie’s birth, Lizzy began treatment. 

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Run #Lizzystrong 2017

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