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About The Mentoring Project

In the United States, there are 25 million youth growing up without adequate parental presence and support. This is a personal tragedy and a collective epidemic. High-risk children are more likely to drop out of school, join gangs, become teenage parents and try drugs. The Mentoring Project exists to rewrite these stories through mentoring, and we believe YOU can make a difference.

Many justice initiatives are intervention – helping someone after a disaster. Arresting a gang leader. Mentoring a homeless person or refugee. Putting a criminal in jail. But youth mentoring is preventative justice – mentoring reaches children before they join a gang, experiment with drugs, or drop out of school. The great thing about mentoring is that we can all do it. We often say – “mentors win by showing up."

The Mentoring Project works with Police Gang Prevention units to mentor high-risk children before they join gangs. We recruit, train and match these mentors and have paid staff working alongside the police in the inner-city.

The Mentoring Project recruits and trains mentors all over the world – in most major cities across the US and in Canada, London, New Zealand and South America.

About the Mentoring Project Ride

Cyclists on the Mentoring Project ride will travel through 500 miles through Asheville, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee. They'll end the ride with a relaxed celebration at the house of one of the Mentoring Project’s co-founders, Donald Miller. A renowned author and speaker, Don is a Venture alum who rode his bicycle across America in 2008, and then wrote a New York Times bestseller, A Million Miles in A Thousand Years, about his experience on his Venture tour.

As the team meets their fundraising goal prior to departing, they'll be inspiring their community to actively engage with in the redemptive and beautiful story of preventative justice and hope that The Mentoring Project is writing right here, and right now, through their work with at-risk youth around the world. Learn more about these programs.

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