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Trafficking, sex-slaves and child prostitution is one of the most horrific human rights issues of our time.

The stories from survivors of sex trafficking are more graphic and horrific than one can imagine. Young girls perish every day, if not immediately from suicide and murder, they die slowly from the diseases (STDs, HIV/AIDS) they contract being forced to sleep with multiple men per day.

The brutality of modern day slavery and human trafficking is very real. Many of these minors are locked in rooms and starved before they are forced into submission by inhuman means. The average age of these girls is 13.

In the midst of this darkness there are heroes risking their lives to rescue these girls and provide them with education, hope and a future. Please join the movement to help end human trafficking and donate today. Your generous contribution will provide rescue, rehabilitation and freedom for victims. Thank you!

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Venture Local - Human Trafficking

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